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JMD Music Studios is Jack’s home- base for recording sessions where he can send files to music clients globally via GoogleDrive or WeTransfer. A quote from Jack regarding his setup and services.


“My home-studio is acoustically treated to create the most neutral recording space possible to ensure your tracks sound as good as any pro vocal booth. I work in Logic Pro X, and use Yamaha professional saxophones, recorded using a selection of microphones (Neumann, vintage AKG, SE Electronics) into virtual pre-amps and high-end converters."


Stems will be sent as WAV files with a touch of compression added ready to be drag and dropped straight into your project.


Saxophone sessions start from £250 per song however additional services can be provided such as keyboard parts, co-writing/co-production and top-lining. Jack plays soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones.  


Please email Jack at to get started.  


Notable session clients include Murray Head, Melle Brown, Che Lingo, and Paris Cesvette.


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